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Devbook is a search engine for developers that helps them to find the resources they need and answer their questions faster.
Fast, accessible right from a code editor, and fully controllable with just a keyboard.
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Available on Windows, macOS, Linux
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Ha! I installed it today and it is absolutely fantastic. Love how smooth the whole signing up experience was. Took me 2 minutes to connect everything. Love it so far. If I get any other issues, I'll be sure to tell you.
Big-ups to@devbookhq and team for creating a wonderful tool, helps me a ton if I want a quick refresher on something. @DotNetRussell, @rahulaakash26 give it a try
Thanks @devbookhq for helping devs. get their answers without getting downvoted on SO or googling endlessly

Much cool such wow~

Drawn by @ConstanceCart
@devbookhq is awesome, easy access to the @elixirlang docs on your desktop.
You guys are AWESOME!!!!
@devbookhq is a Godsend for both early and expert devs alike. Way easier and faster than querying in your browser. Can’t wait for it to support python & swift
This is exactly what I needed! Even without docs search Devbook was a super useful lookup tool. It's amazing how sleek it is for a product that's just a few months old!

Great work @devbookhq
@devbookhq, it's honestly life-changing. I guess I discovered it at the tail end of December, but hopefully that's close enough for 2020
Just discovered @devbookhq and it looks very promising. Can imagine it speeding up the workflow by making SO and GH searches similar to man pages.
And many more

More coding, less switching to browser

Search Stack Overflow & documentation

Get coding answers quickly

Stop endlessly context switching to a browser when debugging your code. Devbook allows you to search Stack Overflow and official documentation right from your code editor, without breaking your focus.
Get coding answers quickly

One shortcut away

Access from anywhere

No matter what app you are using you can always search in Devbook in a second. Hit a global shortcut and Devbook appears on top of your currently opened app as an overlay and disappears when you don't need it anymore.
Access from anywhere

Don’t leave your IDE

Stay in the coding flow

Leaving your coding editor is almost always a guaranteed way to break your flow. With Devbook, you just press a shortcut and Devbook appears on top of your editor. No switching to the browser. You can simply fix your problem without ever leaving your IDE.
Stay in the coding flow

Keyboard first design

No need for a mouse

Shortcuts are bread and butter for developers. Devbook is designed with productivity and speed in mind - almost every button has its equivalent as a shortcut.
No need for a mouse
Coming soon

Customizable theme and shortcuts

Fits your workflow

Devbook allows you to completely customize it's theme and shortcuts to make sure it fits well in your existing workflow.
Fits your workflow
Coming soon

Search in multiple resources at once

Registries, repos, pull requests, issues, infra, algorithms, definitions, guides, chat conversations, and more

You can find everything from popular packages to chats with your co-worker in Devbook right from your IDE in a second. No more going through multiple apps and websites.
Registries, repos, pull requests, issues, infra, algorithms, definitions, guides, chat conversations, and more
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